Welcome to Hack E-Science Librarianship!

The inspiration for this blog is taken from E-Science Librarians I have encountered over the course of 2011. Since August 2010, the start date of my E-Science Librarianship work at the Florida State University, I have found that their are a number of E-Science librarians who are all struggling with similar situations at their respective institutions. Many of us are the first of our kind in the profession and with that role has come the need to hack our way through the E-Science Librarianship frontier. As we hack, we are defining our positions, seeking to skill up, providing the traditional services that science librarians have always provided, and reaching out to one another in order to learn from our shared experiences.

Though there are a number of initiatives that have been developed by scientific research institutions, library/information science organizations, and research universities worldwide, there still remains a need for librarians to share their individual experiences and knowledge of resources. It is my hope that this blog will provide a knowledge sharing forum for those E-Science librarians and information professionals who are new to this emerging profession. Naturally, experience sharing should and will not be limited to those of us who are new to the profession…ALL ARE ENCOURAGED to bring something to this forum as this forum is about COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Let’s learn from each other so that we may push E-Science Librarianship forward!

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About Jordon

I am the E-Science Librarian at the Florida State University. Since beginning my work at FSU in 2010, I have developed a keen interest in scientific research conducted through digital technology and how that research is being employed to further the scientific endeavor. Additionally, I am a citizen of the United States and the Italian Republic. I have a passion for all things Italy, philosophy, great espresso, and current events.

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