Vizualize it

I have been guilty of infographic envy lately.  They are such a great visual and I want to learn how to make one!  What does this have to do with e-science librarianship?  Well for one, infographics can bring all of that big data to life in the form of a few pictures.  They are also a great marketing, outreach, and social media tool that librarians should be hip to.

How about I let an an infographic do the talking?

There are many ways that librarians can incorporate infographics into their instructional sessions

Here for example is an Infographic created by Mashable, that tells you, “How to Google it”.

We are constantly trying to say more with less and do more with less and infographics allow you to do just that.

I was curious about the tools that are available to assist in the creation of an infographic and I found this great article on highlighting “10 Fun Tools to Easily Make Infographics“.  Definitely worth a read!

I chose to investigate the site, which allowed me to chose one of several templates to tweak as I so desired.  It was pretty fun, I’m not going to lie and I am definitely going to keep playing with the format and try to get better at it!

I ended up creating an infrographic on metadata schema.  What do you think?




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