Getting Resourceful

There is no doubt that the internet is full of useful tools and tutorials, but as we all know it can be aggravating reading and sifting through countless web pages to find the most valuable resources.  To coincide with my post from last week, I have compiled a list of what IMHO constitute the best of the best!  I hope that these links are useful and allow you to continue to “skill up” and develop into a well-rounded information professional.

First of all some tools to help you unravel the mystery of website design, content management, and ever-changing software

Lynda Online Training Library

This site has hundreds of tutorials on all sorts of software as well as photography and videography.  Many academic institutions, including FSU, offer staff and students access to these tutorials free of charge.  If you aren’t so lucky you can sign up for a month long free trial and if you find the tutorials useful, you can subscribe for $25/a month.  Definiely worth pokking around!

They also have about 10% of their content on YouTube for free

Free Drupal Training

Very comprehensive 4 week course!

Receive a new Drupal lesson each week in your inbox!

Fedora and Dspace

Extensive Wiki maintained by DuraSpace


Awesome free site that offers training on JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, and Ruby.  An invaluable resource!!/exercises/0

Next up, ways to improve your teaching, e-learning resources, and social media platforms

Instructional Design

Some good reading…


First a little background information…

Lots of great online tools for educators and ideas on how to incorporate them into instruction sessions

A short list of E-learning tools from the University of Oregon Libraries

Finally every year the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies puts out a list of the Top 100 tools for learning.  This is a great and succinct slideshow!


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